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Offensive Security in the Era of AI

Is your organization prepared for AI security threats?

It’s no secret that 2023 has become the year of advancement in AI and, more specifically, generative AI.  

Organizations can not only continue to automate processes and basic job functions, but they can also create new content, videos and graphics like never before. In fact, almost all companies are employing generative AI across their enterprise. 

But what happens when this advancing tool starts getting used for malicious purposes? 

WATCH NOW to hear from our offensive security experts at Cyderes highlighting the ways that your organization can be prepared for the potential impacts, costs, and benefits of AI. Our panelists will also touch on the specific ways that threat actors are using generative AI technologies and how to best defend against those threats.

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About Cyderes

Cyderes (cyber-defense-and-response) provides best-in-class managed security services on a global scale, for the modern digital workforce. Born from the best of two award-winning cybersecurity companies, Herjavec Group and Fishtech Group, Cyderes provides the people, processes, and technology to manage risk, and detect and respond to any threats – in ways that are better, faster, more scalable, and more cost-effective than traditional in-house solutions. 


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