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Detect Everything: Bring Google-Scale Threat Hunting to your Security Operations


Many organizations are finding that security tools today are not built for petabyte scale and long-term telemetry retention, and they are often cost prohibitive. Ingestion based pricing forces customers to limit what data is collected and retained, resulting in more false positives and missed valid threats.

Learn how leading enterprises are modernizing their security operations by leveraging high-fidelity data to gain a comprehensive, accurate and real-time understanding of your environment at any scale, wherever your endpoints exist.

The discussion will focus on the overriding theme of modernizing your security and how CYDERES, Chronicle, and Tanium are solving the fundamental problem of "Security Big Data Overload" with human-led and machine driven security-as-a-service.

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recorded wed 3/23
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Threat Hunting with full visibility across all your endpoints, with 24/7 experts at the speed of Google.

About the Hosts

Jeremy Hehl
Vice President of Business Development, CYDERES

Jeremy brings two decades of  strong experience in threat intelligence, network management offerings, network security solutions, and Red Team engagements to enable customer to reach new heights of excellence in all areas of their security operations.


Shawn McDonald
Senior Director of Business Partnerships, Tanium

Experienced business development executive with deep customer innovation and technical experience and a proven track record of building new businesses and leading strategic partnerships.

Trevor Welsh
Global Security Strategist, Google

Technical expertise matches client-focused execution in Trevor Welsh, Google Chronicle's Global Security Strategist. Trevor brings a wealth of experience and deep understanding of SIEM and the latest in security technology and solutions.